Welcome to FASTVAT!

FASTVAT offers transport and logistics companies a one stop shop for VAT refunds from all over the EU.

When you partner with FASTVAT, not only do you get comprehensive and efficient service
but an outstanding team of professionals who have been working in the field of tax for over 15 years.
FASTVAT solutions: streamlined and dedicated online cooperation
and a speedy recovery of your refund thanks to our pre-financing options.
Let us take the hassle out of your VAT refund!
Due to our years of experience, we have long-term contacts with all tax offices throughout Europe.
Rest assured, we will pursue the maximum refund possible.
Communication is never an issue, our multilingual customer care centre is always at hand.
We offer tailored services to meet all your needs.


We have been dealing in tax services for over 15 years and our employees are all seasoned experts in the field of tax refunds. The benefits of choosing us are numerous to say the least. We try to make the whole refund process as easy as possible which means the vast majority of the steps are handled online and you get your money quickly and comfortably.

Our mission is to provide our clients a quick VAT refund with pre-financing as required.

We offer a unique solution: the combination of deep tax refund knowledge, unparalleled online service, a tracking system to keep you continually updated, multilingual customer care and pre-financing for the fastest refund possible.

We have created a streamlined computerized system for tracking and managing your VAT account. What’s more, we constantly monitor the latest VAT related developments in 28 European countries so you never miss an opportunity. Through cutting-edge programs which have automated access to all tax portals in the EU, our company speeds up and simplifies the refund process.

We have the experience, the contacts and the technology. Our services are quick, online and you can be sure you will save money with us.

FASTVAT is not just our name, it's what we do!

What do we offer?

  • A speedy estimate of your tax refund
  • Pre-financing (you get the full value of the tax payable in advance)
  • No hidden fees
  • Your questions are answered directly, promptly and comprehensively by our customer care center
  • We cover the entire European Union
  • Payments are sent directly to your bank account
  • Fast and reliable 24/7 tracking system for every one of your orders
  • Full security and data protection


FastVAT is a Czech company which consists of a team of professionals and consultants who have been working in the field of VAT refund from abroad for over 15 years. Our core specialty is International VAT refunds. We possess the fundamental know-how of tax requirements and laws which can only be gained from years of experience. Since 1999, we have dealt with tax issues on an international level and have helped thousands of clients from 25 countries obtain the refunds they were entitled to. This experience in turn led us to the development of unique and sophisticated VAT products for our clients.

FASTVAT covers the 28 EU Member States and thanks to an advanced IT system, we are able to provide a fully electronic platform to process tax refunds. We combine IT with tax services and always put the client’s needs first. We make VAT refunds completely user-friendly for our clients.

FASTVAT specializes in the following services: VAT refund from the European Union, pre-financing of tax refunds, refund of the excise tax on diesel fuel and sanitary tax refund.

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